Illidan style demon elf girl

illidab hot babe
Recently I was lucky to see such an amazing warcraft hentai picture that I decided to immediately share with you. This hot demon hunter elf babe in Illidan style with a slim body, juicy perky tits and sexy burning eyes. Enjoy.

5 Responses to “Illidan style demon elf girl”

  1. Unicows says:

    WTB lesbian sex with this demon

  2. Tirion says:

    She’s not a demon people, she’s a demon hunter. They basically use the burning legion’s chaos magic against them and over time they can grow horns, wings, glowing eyes, and/or booming voices. and they usually ceremonially blind themselves so that they can see life forces of demons more clearly

    • Anonymous says:

      Your so stupid lol Illidan did not just poof grew wings and horns from killing legin shit she took an orb that Arthas told him to for more power and Illidan actualy did it and sence he had Amber eyes he went blind (Amber eyes: A source of a good druid) and from that orb he started changeing grew wings and got horns all at the same time.

  3. hmmm says:

    would have been awesome if Blizzard for once used a female as the main foe in an expansion

  4. wqqcc says:

    they Will azshara