BoneCraft Game Review

Meet the Porn Fantasy BoneCraft – a new-dimension game of sexy elves and brutal robots struggling for the sacred BoneCraft planet!
Finally it happened! So long waited and desired by millions of gamers and fans of really adventurous sci-fi games, BoneCraft is coming!
D-dub, the official developer of the game announced an official release date of the issue which comes on 12 January 2012. A late New Year present for BoneCraft followers looking forward with admiration to take swords and rush to conquer a new land.

What is so peculiar about this game that makes it so sensational over the globe? As it was expected BoneCraft is a fabulous porn parody of two well-known games World of Warcraft and StarCraft with a similar scenario of conquering the fantasy land inhabited by Orcs and elves. Spicy big tits elves and powerful orcs are making hard love using every opportunity.bonecraft treesome blowjob
The Captain Fort Worth and his true team of space Wrangler and Robots lands his space ship on the planet of BoneCraft in search of a new appropriate place for the Holy Grail. To achieve the goal the players will be able to use the seduction skills of the Captain and the crew’s experience to extinct the interstellar feud.
The developers claim the BoneCraft game to be the crown of all expectations and desires. The game ideally combines the features of hack-and-slash first-person shooter and whimsical porn scenes. The land inhabitants use every opportunity to get enormous satisfaction. The players will meet all: from innocent love to futanari hard sexual plays. The game is full of unexpected scenes of rude orcs and brutal robots arousing elves somewhere on the soft lawns of the unknown planet! So keep an eye out! bonecraft lesbian
Among other features of the game is the voice of Neil Kaplan given to the Captain Fort Worth. The famous actor voiced many of recognized characters: StarCraft Tychus, imperial Optimus Prime.
The game is expected to suit all tastes. Colorful scenes and amazing chic elves set the game apart from ordinary shooter games. Rowdy robots and powerful orcs will provide spectacular battles.
From that very moment pre-orders are accepted providing the users the exclusive right to receive special content – C3P-Ho robot and the Golden Fist extreme weapon. An open beta key will be available on request on the release date of BoneCraft.bonecraft sex store
The official site of the developers provides trailers, movies, screenshots, wallpapers and all additional information on the game. However the developers provide rather scarce data to spark the interest of the fans and give the news by small portions.
The whole game world is anxiously waiting the release date ready to join the fictional porn world of beastly creatures!

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